About Disciples Guild
     D.O.T.A (not to be confused with the wrestling group) is a hub for all things gaming with a special focus on World of Warcraft.  If you want to be apart of something bigger, then look no further.  When you sign up you will be able to participate in the forums, have access to our Ventrilo, watch live streaming! and receive the official D.O.T.A newsletter.  We have provided many different tools for our members so you can make groups more efficiently, optimize your gear, and have access to general information.  Knowledge is power!  This guild is pretty much the only place to be so the choice is simple.  Join Disciples and get all these cool perks and epic loots or... don`t join and have no epic loots or awesome guildies to chat with or share fun stories of your pillaging efforts.  The choice is yours.

Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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